10 Best Money Making Apps that Pay $1000+ Per Month

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We spend a lot of money on our smartphone, yet we don’t use it to its maximum capacity. Making money using apps is one of the numerous applications and services that may make our lives easier.

Money Making Apps

You can install hundreds of money-making applications on your smartphone and earn a decent living. But I’m going to show you 20 of the best-rated applications that will help you earn more money in less time.

The Top 10 Money-Making Apps

Find out more about the top money-making applications for Android and iOS that you can download. Here they are: – 

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is by far one of America’s most popular money-making apps for earning additional income on the go and in spare time without having to use your computer. This Swagbucks software, called SB Answer, is incredibly simple to use.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to take part in dozens of online surveys during your commute or leisure time.

SB Answer also allows you to leave feedback about your local shopping experiences at specific businesses in your area. By just enrolling on the app, you may join Swagbucks’ online survey community.

SB Answer has over 18 million members who have received over US$ 150 million in free gift cards in exchange for their work.

2. Ibotta 

Ibotta is a mobile app that allows you to earn money by Ibotta is a money-making software that allows you to earn money by getting cash back on common transactions. Check Ibotta before you go shopping, travelling, dining, or doing anything else. You may save money by purchasing using the app, which has numerous unique deals. In addition, some of the highlighted online businesses may refund a portion of your Ibotta purchases.
“We collaborate with top brands and merchants to help you save money without the bother of traditional coupons, discounts, or promo codes.
To gain money, check in for daily coupons on a variety of items from various brands, shops, and applications. 
Our consumers have earned over $220,000,000 in cash back thanks to our online coupons and rebates,” boasts the Ibotta website.

3. ShopKick 

ShopKick (#3)If you’re a frequent shopper, ShopKick is another great way to make money. You may redeem your gift cards or coupons at any retailer. While you’re out shopping, you may earn money. ShopKick will pay you at least $2 for a gift card.
Furthermore, the greatest thing is that the software is completely free. You can grab it through Google Play if you’re using an Android device. 

4. TaskBucks

TaskBucks is an online survey and tasking software aimed mostly at Indian and Indian subcontinent people. In some aspects, it is similar to Swagbucks in the United States. This is a simple-to-use money-making software for Android that allows you to conduct online surveys, submit product evaluations, compose experiences requested by the app, and other little activities. In exchange, you will receive funds in your Paytm account, which you may use for everything from online shopping to prepaid mobile phone recharges. 

5. CashPirate 

CashPirate  is a character in the video game CashPirate.CashPirate is one of the most popular money-making applications available. You may use the applications to generate money by testing free goods, viewing videos, and referring your friends, just like Mint Coins.
You may earn 10% of each referral’s earnings as well as 5% of their referral’s earnings.
They refer to profits as ‘Coins,’ and after earning 2500 coins, you may quickly withdraw your money to your PayPal account.
42,000 people have given this app a 4.5/5 rating. It denotes that the website is reliable. 

6. Google Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best money-making applications that doesn’t require you to pay any money. It does, however, provide you with Google Play Credits, which you can use to purchase Android applications, Google Music, Books, Magazines, and movies from the Play Store. You may earn money by taking a short survey and telling Google what you think about a product. It is forwarded to the firm that is searching for consumer experience via Google.
They will send you questionnaires every week after you sign up, with incentives ranging from 25 cents to $1 or more. 

7. Earn cash

Make Money is one of the most popular money-making apps available for iPhone and Android devices.
Making money with the Make Money app is as simple as watching videos, downloading free applications, filling up surveys, providing your opinion, testing services, endorsements, and free trials of products, services, and apps. Make Money also allows you to play free beta versions of video games. When you meet the minimum payout limit, your profits are sent to you via PayPal. 

8. Rewarding

The app is rewarding and pays real money. Unlike money-making applications like Google Opinion Rewards, which give you credits, you don’t get paid. This software is only available to users in the United States. Your work would entail performing an online assignment or responding to a few questions at a store. Depending on the task you pick, you may earn anywhere from $5 to $20. They will send you a PayPal payment. 


Gigwalk, like Rewardable, is accessible in the United States and parts of Canada. Gigwalker is an app that allows you to earn money by doing tasks. It might involve taking photographs of various locations, passing out leaflets or pamphlets, or acting as a mystery shopper.
Such money-making applications are time-consuming since they need you to go out on the streets. You may earn anywhere from $5 to $20. 

10. CheckPoints

You do not earn money here, but you do get points for doing tasks such as scanning products at a grocery store, checking for items at a shopping mall, and other chores. Playing games and viewing movies get you points as well. These points can later be redeemed for gadgets, gift cards, and other incentives. This is one of several excellent money-making applications for shoppers. 

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