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 Chumba Casino was created by our in-house team of professional game designers and developers, as well as third-party service suppliers. VGW benefits from both operational and commercial flexibility as a result of this. To set itself apart from the competition, VGW continues to invest in the creation of own games and content.

Chumba Casino Login

We now have over 80 fascinating games for desktop and mobile gamers in our repertoire. With new games being released on a regular basis, we continue to expand our offers to players.

The VGW Group

VGW is a diversified organization that promotes a work-hard, play-hard mentality. We have approximately 400 employees working for us all around the world.

Is Chumba Casino a legal ?

Chumba Gaming is one of the most popular social casino sites. In addition to our Gold Coin games, we offer a unique sweepstakes format that allows players in the United States and Canada to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash wins in a safe and secure manner. We take pride in following the laws of the areas in which we operate. To guarantee that we are completely compliance with all relevant laws, we consult with renowned experts in those areas.

What exactly is Chumba Casino?

VGW Malta Limited, a subsidiary of the VGW Group, owns and operates Chumba Casino.

Chumba Casino aspires to be the world\’s most popular social casino, offering fun and excitement to social casino lovers all over the world. Our first concentration is on the United States, \”the casino capital of the world,\” and Canada, but we want to expand worldwide very soon, making Chumba Casino really worldwide!

Is Chumba Casino the only firm that uses Sweepstakes Prizes?

No, it\’s not a new thing for gaming firms to provide reward contests. Many firms have offered and continue to provide prize-based contests.

What do you mean by \”sweepstakes\”?

Sweepstakes are prize-based trade promotions. They\’ve been used for decades across the world to promote the sale of items — in our case, our Gold Coins – through prize giveaways.

What is the Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Model?

Gold Coins are a virtual currency that you may acquire and play with at Chumba Casino, but they cannot be exchanged, transferred, or redeemed for real money.

To enter Chumba Casino\’s contests, no purchase is required.

Sweeps Coins are awarded to players as entries for Chumba Casino\’s sweepstakes. Sweeps Coins are not for sale and have no intrinsic worth. Sweeps Coins can be obtained for free with the purchase of Gold Coins, or by an Alternative Methods of Entry (AMOE) such as mailing in.

Sweeps Coins may be used to play games at Chumba Casino. Sweeps Coins earned as prizes (by playing our Sweeps Coins games) can be exchanged for cash.

Will my account be limited until my identity has been validated and I have completed an Identity Verification Process (KYC – Know Your Customer)? 

Information about one\’s identification is gathered.

Our consumers must be able to be positively identified by Chumba Casino. Before you acquire Gold Coins, the first step in this procedure is to acquire some personal identify information from you (such as your name, date of birth, and residence address).

Identity verification

Chumba Casino may be obliged to independently verify the accuracy of the information obtained after it has been obtained in order to comply with legal responsibilities that apply to us and to maintain our commitment to responsible gaming. If we need to verify your identification, you will be alerted in your online account. You will not be allowed to play our games or redeem any Sweeps Coins until your identification has been validated if you do not submit the appropriate proof within the time frame specified in such notification.

Account ownership verification

Chumba Casino must verify that the account into which any cash award will be sent is in your name before you may redeem any Sweeps Coins for cash winnings. We are unable to deposit rewards into accounts that do not belong to you. 

What Documents Must I Provide During the Verification Process?

Identity verification

You can verify your identification (containing your name, date of birth, and residence address) by producing one of the following papers, all of which must be provided by the government:

  • valid driver\’s license;
  • or a passport;
  • card of identification

The document must be current at the time of submission. You may be asked to upload a photo or a real-time selfie image of yourself via our dedicated site in order to double-check that the identity document you supplied is legitimate. You may additionally need to present one of the following papers as verification of your residence address if your identity document does not include your address:

  • a bank statement, 
  • a utility bill, 
  • or a letter from the government

This document must include your name, address, and a date of issuance within the past six months. 

Account ownership verification

We will need a copy of a bank statement (dated within the last 6 months) linked to the account in your name in order to prove that you own the bank account into which you would like any redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes sent.

If you have a joint account (one in which two or more persons share a single account), all account holders must complete the identity verification procedure stated above, which includes having their name, date of birth, and home address validated.

How long does it take for my documents to be verified?

We will check the needed papers as soon as possible after receiving them in their right form. The procedure is dependent on whether you have provided us with the proper form of identity or proof of account ownership. If everything is in order, the account verification procedure usually takes around 5 days to complete. It usually takes around 10 days for your cash award to be processed and reach your account after your account has been validated.

Additional Verification

According to the Chumba Casino Terms and Conditions, we retain the right to seek any extra papers and/or information we feel necessary to meet with our legal duties, such as to verify your identity, account ownership, source of wealth, or source of cash. 

What Is the Distinction Between Gold and Sweeps Coins?

Players can purchase Gold Coins to use in Gold Coin mode games. Gold Coins may be used to play Chumba Casino games, but they can\’t be bought, sold, or exchanged for cash.

Sweeps Coins can be obtained for free with the purchase of Gold Coins, or by an Alternative Methods of Entry (AMOE) including such emailing in. Sweeps Coins may be utilized in Sweeps Coins mode to play Chumba Casino games. Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash rewards if they were earned as rewards in our Sweeps Coins games. 

What Kinds of Businesses Use Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are used by many firms throughout the world to promote and sell their products. Sweepstakes contests have been around for decades in the United States and other nations.

McDonalds, Publishers Clearing House, Reader\’s Digest, Pepsi, and Proctor & Gamble are just a few of the well-known companies that run sweepstakes. 

What Are the Chances That Laws Will Be Changed?

Very low. Sweepstakes are controlled on a state-by-state basis in the United States, thus legislation in all 50 states would need to be changed.

Furthermore, because a vast number of brands and firms, including many multinationals, participate in sweepstakes trade campaigns, any legislative change would have far-reaching repercussions and would almost certainly be contested. 

So, why can\’t the same sweepstakes model be used by other casino companies?

Risks associated with regulations and partners: Our rivals are often wary of experimenting with novel approaches that aren\’t considered \”mainstream.\” This includes important marketing, distribution, and payment processing partners, all of whom Chumba Casino has had to convince of the integrity of its business model, a process that has taken several years.

Operations & Technology: The technology necessary to run a sweepstakes prize platform differs significantly from that necessary to run a virtual currency-only game, needing considerably more robust, secure, and comprehensive gaming and reporting capability. 

Sweepstakes operations are likewise highly different from those of gaming firms, because the payment, fraud, and customer service characteristics are all highly different.

Is the Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Model Transferable to Other Gaming Products?

Yes, indeed. Some of these are available at, our sister site.

What is the procedure for depositing funds into my Chumba Casino account?

You are unable to make a deposit into your Chumba Casino account. Chumba Casino isn\’t your typical online casino where you may deposit money to play with. Chumba Casino is a social casino where you may play for Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, our two virtual currencies.

If you want to participate in the Gold Coin game, all you have to do is register and you\’re ready to go. Sweeps Coins is a currency that may be used to participate in our Sweeps Coins games. 

Sweeps Coins can be earned for free in a variety of ways, including as a bonus when purchasing Gold Coins, by winning one of our Sweeps Coins giveaway events, or by writing to us. For more details on how to get your free Sweeps Coins, see our Sweeps Rules page.

What is the smallest and largest amount of Sweeps Coins that I can convert to cash?

Before you may redeem Sweeps Coins for cash, you must have earned at least 100 of them as prizes. There is currently no upper limit.


We can give you with a list of your Sweeps Coins winnings. You, on the other hand, are liable for any taxes due on such wins. Please see paragraph 7 of the Sweeps Rules for further information on your tax payment duties. 

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Chumba Casino Login

In Chumba Casino Slots Games, how random are the spins?

Chumba Casino\’s Random Number Generator (RNG) is a Mersenne Twister with background cycling. This was verified by iTechLabs and Gaming Associates, who confirmed that it generates random numbers using a well-known technique. Marsaglia\’s \”diehard\” statistical randomness tests were passed by the numbers generated by this RNG. Number sequences are random, non-repeatable, and evenly distributed, according to iTech Labs and Gaming Associates. 

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Chumba Casino Login

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